Spring 2016

The players in our mealtime drama have many faces. They are seed breeders, creative chefs, students, activists and concerned citizens. They are all creative and diverse in geography, setting and approach. This issue is dedicated to all those who are reshaping institutional menus for the better.

Connecting Lane

Connecting Lane

Lane Selman is an agricultural researcher at Oregon State University who works with the Culinary Breeding Network, which connects chefs, seed growers and farmers to redefine the palette/palate of the Pacific Northwest. Lane Selman at the Oregon Stat...
Service Work

Service Work

In 2004, Theresa Snow was working at Pete's Greens, a large organic farm in Vermont, when she was given the freedom to start her own program utilizing some of t...
Social Justice

Food as Social Justice

Maggots were not on the menu, but have allegedly been among the fare at more than half a dozen U.S. prisons served by the Aramark corporation over the past five years. Moldy, rotted and gnawed by rats. Food shortages, meals cut to two rations a day....
Eat Hearty

Reshaping School Lunch

So hot were I and my fellow seniors at Charles W. Woodward High in Bethesda, Maryland to graduate that we felt embarrassed for friends we knew would look back on those years as their own Happy Days. I did experience once however, an immediate nostal...