Adrian de Groot Ruiz is the executive director of True Price, features as part of our ongoing Perspectives series. Previously, he was Assistant Professor of Finance at Radboud University, where he did research into behavioral economics and sustainable finance. Adrian holds an MSc in Econometrics and a PhD in Economics from the University of Amsterdam. He is a member of the Global Shapers (a World Economic Forum community) Amsterdam and of the think tank Worldconnectors, where he co-chairs the working group addressing the Dutch corporate Post-MDG Agenda. In 2013, Adrian was listed number 33 of the “Sustainable Top 100,″ a renowned list of Dutch professionals who are active in sustainability. Adrian blogs for the Huffington Post.

During his inspiring talk from TEDxDordrecht, Adrian elaborates on the motivation to even dare change the corporate world for the better, and why and how true price works.