Part three of a three-part Getting Tilth-y episode features Dan Kent, executive director of Salmon-Safe, as he discusses how this special certification program has helped work across an entire sector of agribusiness, especially within beer and hops production (in this case Roy Farms and Hopworks Urban Brewery.) Dan explains how habitat conservation, water management and climate-focused agriculture is helping transform how growers and producers connect with consumers who understand the importance and benefits of Salmon-Safe and organic certifications.

Salmon-Safe Organic is a joint venture between Oregon Tilth and Salmon-Safe, a nonprofit organization working to restore watersheds for salmon to spawn and thrive. Oregon Tilth provides fast track Salmon-Safe certification to organic farmers and handlers that further protect biodiversity and aquatic habitat while helping to redefine the practice of ecologically sustainable agriculture. Learn more.

Getting Tilth-y is a visual conversation series by Oregon Tilth, bringing you into someone else’s world, even if just for a moment. Special credit to Blue Dot Sessions for the music.