Part one of a three-part Getting Tilth-y episode features Mike Roy of Roy Farms in Yakima, WA, as he discusses the importance and benefits of Salmon-Safe and organic certifications for their family-owned hop farm. Mike talks about sustainability being a challenge that is worth taking on as well as how being a certified farm has helped them make their own agricultural systems more efficient both for nature and for business.

Salmon-Safe Organic is a joint venture between Oregon Tilth and Salmon-Safe, a nonprofit organization working to restore watersheds for salmon to spawn and thrive. Oregon Tilth provides fast track Salmon-Safe certification to organic farmers and handlers that further protect biodiversity and aquatic habitat while helping to redefine the practice of ecologically sustainable agriculture. Learn more.

Getting Tilth-y is a visual conversation series by Oregon Tilth, bringing you into someone else’s world, even if just for a moment. Special credit to Blue Dot Sessions for the music.