2017: An Exploration of Transition, Conservation and Value

Our publication features photo narratives, investigative stories, personal profiles, in-depth reporting on innovative practices and technical essays designed to bring the entire good food community under one umbrella. a

Our theme calendar for 2017:

  • 2017 – Winter Issue (January/February): Transition
    We take a deep look inside the motivations, challenges and fresh data on transitioning to organic from a variety of angles.
  • 2017 – Spring Issue (April/May): The Pollinator Issue
    Despite the fact that nations and media have been discussing the issues facing pollinators since the 1980s, we continue to see the same stories of the declines and risks facing agriculture’s longest and most important partner: native pollinators (not just bees).
  • 2017 – Summer Issue (July/August): True Cost of Food
    What is the value proposition of sustainability and organic? And how do we look at this on a chart of black (and red) financial numbers that ultimately never end up in the final sticker price for so many products?
  • 2017 – Fall Issue (October/November): Promoting Equity
    Oregon Tilth’s mission is to make our food system and agriculture biologically sound and socially equitable. This issue will launch and discuss our work (and the work of incredible partners) and commitment to equity in our food.